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No trip found error


I'm trying to fetch locations for the last few trips or a demo app and I'm encoutering a strange error:

Basicaly the workflow is this:

  1. Fetch trips for last 24 hours (which is actually rounded to two full days, as I can't seem to be able to send more precise dates)
  2. For each trip, ask for the locations

So I tried the following URLs: 


    Which gives me, after about 10 seconds of latency, a 400 error with the following content: 

    { code: '4', label: 'NO TRIP FOUND ' }

    Which gives me, after about 10 seconds of latency, a 500 server error.

Considering I am using the data directly retrieved from the list of trips fetched just before, I find this unsettling.

Did I do something wrong?

Sorry, the second URL (with

Sorry, the second URL (with near=1) has a latency of about 2 minutes, not 10 seconds.
Thank you for your question !
Hi Corentin,

thank you for your question.  For your first call, you don't receive any data because, as you can see when you call /trip/preiod/, the driver has'nt mooved during this trip :

      "tripId": 501852,
      "dateTripBegin": "20161102061251",
      "dateTripEnd": "20161102062912",
      "tripDuration": 981,
      "dateUpdate": "20161102062832",
      "avgFuelConsumption": 0,
      "deltaFuelLevel": 0,
      "tripMileage": 0,


 For your second call, I think that you've found a bug Frown. I'll raise a support ticket for this issue.



Hi, Any news on this bug?


Any news on this bug?



the ticket is still open. The dev team is still investigating on this bug. I'll keep you updated.




Thanks for the update.

I am still trying to fetch the last trips from the API, and none of the last 10 trips have any mileage. Is this normal?

Also, I tried fetching /trip/list?from=20160910&to=20161209&limit=100 (last 3 months) and /trip/list?from=20161109&to=20161209&limit=100 (last past month) and the result is the same: I only get 10 trips. Any idea why?
Hooray !

We've deployed a patch on the APIs. The response time is "sligthly" improved.


Indeed it has improved (by a

Indeed it has improved (by a LOT)!

Thanks a lot to everyone involved!
Issue detecting swagger version

Hi I have successfully put your swagger in a swagger UI at, but as I tried to use a commercial API Manager such as Axway API Manager to experiment a car data mashup, here is the respond I got :

Failed to import API
Errorcode     Reason
400    Unable to detect Swagger version.

Do you have any idea !

thank your
Hi Apiggator !

Hi Apiggator !


I'll check this error !



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